At Arrowhead Stables, we promote individual development and therapeutic growth.  This process takes place through the relationship with the horse.


The relationship between horse and human is reflective of the most basic level of human connection.  It is through this connection that the individual will gain insight into areas in their life in need of positive change.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is effective in treating the following disorders:

 Autism Spectrum Disorders     Brain Injury

Conduct Disorders                   Low Self-Esteem

Learning Disorders                   Depression

Anxiety Disorders                     Addiction and Substance Abuse

Childhood Neglect                   Childhood Abuse

Grief and Loss                          Eating Disorders

Self-harm                                 Suicidal Ideation

ADHD                                    Trauma

Family Conflict                        Processing Difficulties

Adoption and Attachment Issues

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can promote psychosocial healing and personal growth in the individual through supported development of the following:

Social skills                               Self-awareness

Self-esteem                               Self-confidence

Mindfulness skills                     Emotional regulation skills

Frustration tolerance                 Problem solving Skills

Sensory recognition                   Personal responsibility


Compassion and empathy for the self and for others

Additional benefits from participating in our Therapeutic Horsemanship Program may include improvements in physical fitness, coordination, sensory perception, balance, and flexibility. 


“Arrowhead Stables has made a world of difference for my son. His relationship with horses has improved his ability to connect with people.”
— Misty F., mother of 12-year-old autistic client